Saturday - April 1st

From 9:00 am to 4:00 pm

at Cornerstone

with a break for lunch
together (5€ per person)

Singles Course
What God Has In Store For You
There is so much information out there about married people: courses, websites, advices, blogs, counselling, wedding planners, divorce planners, you name it!

But what about if you are single (divorced, never married, widower) and Christian? 
And perhaps you think that there is more to life than just being single, but just cannot figure out what it is; or you are fed up of being on your own and strongly hope to find your “soul-mate”, but you just can’t seem to find your match; or maybe you wonder why is God keeping you ‘labelled’ to a status when you would like so much to change it; or you are frustrated about getting invited to your friends’ weddings when you are dating no one; or maybe you are not so young and you think that loneliness is all that is left ahead of you; then you might consider joining us for a full day workshop solely dedicated to singles.
This is a unique opportunity to discover together what God has in store for you, in your celibacy. He will be there!

Please register by not later than March 25th the form at the bottom of this page or sending an email to admin@c-stone.org.

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